Select Key of Harmonica - Available in 12 Keys
Am Natural Minor
Key labeled in 2nd Position (Cross Harp)
guitar Dm chord
blow notes
1st Position Dm
2nd Position Am
key of Am

The Natural Minor harmonica has a very bluesy, soulful sound that is perfect for playing minor Blues, Rock, Reggae, Pop, Latin, Jazz Standards and Hip Hop. 1st Position (straight harp) accents blow notes. 2nd Position (cross harp) accents draw notes.

guitar Dm chord
blow notes
draw 1 - A minor Chord
draw 1 chord - harmonica
draw 2 - A minor7 Chord
draw 2 chord - harmonica
draw 3 - A minor9 Chord
draw 3 chord - harmonica
draw 4 - C Chord
draw 4 chord - harmonica
draw 5 - E minor Chord
draw 5 chord - harmonica